The latest news 10.03.2015. Look for more information and pictures on the Estonian page.

  • The Latvian Grape growers and winemakers association annual meeting will be held on March 14 in the Museum of Nature in Riga. Beginning is at 11 AM.
  • There is occuring the 4th International Conference 11.-14.11.2015 in Nebraska (USA).



  • 02.-04.10 - We visited with Raimu Aas Muhu Farm Winery.
  • 22.08 - A grapegrowers meeting-conference took place in Dviete devoted to Latvian grape-breeder Pauls Sukatniek’s 100-Anniversary. You can see on the photo made by Andris Dishlers Latvian breeder Gunvaldis Vesmins, Raimu Aas (Estonia) and Gvido Dobelis (Latvia).
  • 12.06 - Testing Estonian grape-wines made by Jaanus ja Tea Lajal in wine store Veinimaailm (cultivars 'Somerset', 'Bianca', 'Spulga', 'Blaue Burgunder', 'Rondo', 'Amurski').


  • Brix at Räpina
  • 18.09.2013 - Juozapas Sruogius from Lithuania spent a day in Räpina and Vőru county. We visited a table grape producer Meelis Värnik, Pruuli-Kaska grape-farm, where a new vineyard grows on a slope of a hill. We saw a new vineyard in the village of Kääpa.
  • 12.-14.09.2013 - The Latvian grape exhibition took place in the Museum of Nature in Riga, Krisjana Barona street 4.
  • 25.-30.08.2013 - A trip to the vineyards of Western Estonia.


  • 27.12.2012 - An article arrived from a Czech magazine in which Martin Kristek described his visit to Estonian vineyards.
  • The International Conference Neubrandenburg and VitiNord 2012 was held in Neubrandenburg from 28 November to 1 December, 2012. The conference website
  • An international wine congress was held in Tartu 6-8 July 2012.
  • One day before 05.07.2012 Tea and Jaanus Lajal organized a conference entitled Grape and wine production in Northern Europe. Guests visited the experimental vineyard at Rõhu. They tasted Estonian wines and fruit wines. Experts from Italy and Finland, Portugal, England and others participated.
  • 07.06 - Wojciech Bosak, a wine journalist from Poland and 4 his colleagues from the Czech Republic visited Räpina. Mr. Bosak writes for magazines Magazyn Wino and Czas Wina. He administers the website Winologia.
  • 26.04 - A new book "Maalehe viinamarjaraamat" about Estonian grapes was published by the publishing house Hea Lugu.


  • 26.12 Erik Waaler sent a photo taken by the gate of Sabile vineyard on 30.07.2011.
  • 08.12 - The annual meeting of grape and wine lovers in Tartu. Martins Barkans from Latvia partcipated. Priit Pedastsaar, who explores the grape suitability for wine made speech there. There are Priit and his adviser Tõnu Püssa on the photo.
  • 25.09 - ESTONIAN GRAPES ON SALE. Pruuli-Kaska farm sold grapes on the fair at Räpina 4.50 euros per kilo. Estonian grapes are sold in shops in Võru and Tartu.
  • 14.09 - Olga Tshikina and her husband from Moscow visited us. There are Evalds Pilka and Girts Mikelsons from Latvia on the photo, too. Girts measured sugar in the grapes.
  • 10.09 - Jaanus and Tea Lajal measured sugar in the grapes in my vineyard.

  • 28-31.07 - Baltic Scandinavian Grape Conference at Sabile.
    Some participants near Sabile vineyard. The photo has taken by Erik Waaler.
    Grapes in Estonia Text
    Grapes in Estonia
    About grapes in Finland Timo Taskinen
    About grapes in Norway Arild Syversen

  • 22.07 - We have got problems with powdery mildew (Oidium Tuckeri) in greenhouses and with downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) out of doors this year again.
  • 21.07 - Gwyn Davies (on the right) from UK brought a surprising present: an English wine Rondo and a Welsh wine of Madeleine Angevine.

  • 20.07 - A trip about South-Estonia.
    Meelis Värnik is hoping to get the first yield of table grapes this year from his greenhouses.
    Lija ja Jüri Kaska have restored their greenhouses which were broken by storm last year.
    Hans Toover is a constructor of greenhouses suitable for grapes.
    Jaak Eensalu has planted new rows of 'Solaris' into his vineyard.
    Harri Poom has got new greenhouses to produce table grapes, melons and water-melons.

  • 30.04.11 - On the Estonian Television "Mina elan siin". It starts with views of Räpina and grape growing here.
  • 24.03.11 - The newspaper Maaleht informs about the 1st round of homemade wine competition. Two grape wines reached to finale.
  • 24.03.11 - A TV talkshow. The wine expert Arne Pajula appreciates Rondo wine made by Jaak Eensalu in 2009.
  • 18-19.03.11 - Ari Markkula and Timo Taskinen stayed at Räpina during their tour to Estonia and Latvia.

    November 2010
  • 26.11.2010 A meeting of Estonian grape growers organized by Kadri Karp took place in Tartu.
  • 06.11.2010 Suomen Viinikasvattajat RY arranged grape growing course at Tuorla in Finland. Raimo Saar and Andrij Rudyk from Pärnu participated in the course.

    September 2010
  • 11.09 A training day took place in Pärnu. Raimo Saar, Harri Poom, Lija Kaska and Edgars Zihmanis arranged it.

    October 2010
  • 10.10.2010 An exibition about grapes in Estonia has been opened in Estonian Agricultural Museum in Tartu.

    August 2010
  • 27.08 The next training day occured at Räpina. Jaak Eensalu, Harri Poom, Lija Kaska Jaan Kivistik and others made speeches there.
  • Berries have started ripening out of doors on 1st week of August. It happen this year for the greater part of varieties at the same time.
  • We ate first berries of 'Somerset Seedless' from greenhouse on the 1st August.
  • 25.08. We eat berries of 'Kuzminski Sinii', 'Hasanski Sladki', Kosmonavt' and 'Madeleine Angevine' which have picked out of doors.
  • 25.08. I observed downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) on leaves of Vitis amurensis at verdure of school.

    July 2010
  • Jaak Eensalu has complained about damage of downy mildew (Plasmopara viticola) in his vineyard.

    June 2010
    Branches hibernated without having been bent to the ground (out of doors):
  • very well - 'Hasanski Sladki', 'Zilga', 'ES 9-7-48', 'Scandia', 'Sipaska', 'Toldi', 'Valiant';
  • well - 'Silva', 'Albo Varheaja', 'Somerset Seedless';
  • frozen (minimum temperature -33 C) - 'Aljoshenkin', 'Kosmonavt', 'Supaga', 'Blaue Burgunder', 'Marechal Joffre', 'Price', 'Vamuska'.
    Branches hibernated without having been bent to the ground (in the unheated greenhouse):
  • very well - hybrid cultivars 'Krassavets', 'Adalmiina', 'Jokke', 'Somerset Seedless', 'Swenson White' and V. vinifera 'Madeleine Royal L' from Latvia.

    The new list of recommended varieties in Estonia was composed at Polli. There are varieties recommended to grow:

  • outdoors at warm places - 'Zilga', 'Hasanski Sladki', 'Kuzminski Sini', 'Sukribe', 'Jubilei Novgoroda', 'Rondo', 'Silva';

  • in unheated greenhouses - 'Aljoshenkin', 'Supaga', 'Krassavets', 'Kosmonavt', 'Swenson Red'.

    The 2nd International Conference on Northern Viticulture, Viti Nord 2009, held in Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada. Harri Poom from Estonia participated in the conference.

    The 1st training day Grape growing in Finlandoccured at Viurila manor. Raimo Saar and Jaan Kivistik from Estonia and Edgars Zihmanis from Latvia made speeches there about grape growing in their countries. Juha Karvonen introduced his white grape wine Aino there. This wine is allowed to sell in Finland.
    The manor house of Viurila.
    The landlord Günther Brüninghaus in his room.
    Readers Juha Karvonen, Günther Brüninghaus, Ari Markkula, Mariusz Swietalski, Edgars Zihmanis and Jaan Kivistik. There are Juha's books and his wine Aino on the table.

    Jaak Eensalu continues his story about grape growing in Estonia in the wine magazine Vine. Tanel Eigi heads there his article „Wine country Estonia?“

    The first strong night frost ruined foliage of grapes at Räpina.

    Jaak Eensalu arranged winemaking bee in his Annemäe farm. Andris Dishlers and Marta Igaune have arrived from Latvia. You can see video of this day.
    The Annemäe vineyard.
    The first crop from plantation of 'Rondo' planted in 2006.
    Jaak Eensalu put into practice his new wine equipment.

    Look for more information on Estonian page.

    A training day at Räpina. You can see photos on the Estonian page.

    Jaak Eensalu writes in the wine magazine Vine about grape growing in Estonia.

    Jaan Kivistik, Raimo Saar and Liia Kaska had a trip around Latvia and Estonia

    Flower and Garden Fair in Tartu

    Liia Kaska presented grape varieties and her seedlings. Visitors tested and evaluted grapes.

    Mariusz Swietalski from Finland visited my vineyard.

    Visiting the vineyard of Jaak Eensalu and the vineyard of Liia Kaska.

    A training day at Räpina.
    Planting and summer pruning of grapes.

    A training day at Viljandi.
    Participants in the garden of family Tõnumaa.

    The wine fair of Estonian Sommelier Association took place in Tallinn. Some wines made by Estonian grape growers were tested there. Jaak Eensalu, Kertu Silla-Kuut, Felix Buschmann, Liia Kaska and Raimu Aas participated the event.

    The fermentation of my wines made this autumn has finished. These are varieties used for winemaking: Scandia (18.09), Silva (25.09), JK 2-3 (26.09), Toldi (06.10), Supaga (22.10), JK 6-5 (07.11). There are the dates of starting fermentation in brackets.

    There was a very long and mild autumn in Estonia this year. The first real night frost was at last night. I picked berries of seedling JK 6-5 for making the ice wine today.

    A TRAINING DAY at Räpina.
    9 wines, some preserves and berries over 10 varieties were tested at first. Raimu Aas, Marje Reinvee, Aavo Eisen, Sirje Tooding, Liia Kaska and others have brought all these for testing. Minister of Education and Research Mr. Tõnis Lukas who visited Räpina that day, could test Estonian grapes here, too.
    The main topic of the day was autumn cutting and covering of vines. There were learnt how to use removed shoots for propagating grapes and for wicker-work.

    A TRAINING DAY at Räpina