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      Jaan Kivistik
      Started 10.02.2006. Last change 22.12.2012
      Estonia lies by the Baltic sea between 57-59 degrees northern latitudes. Our homeland is a northern country where is possible to grow grapes outdoors on the whole territory. It isn't easy to grow grapes here. Our summer is short and cool. Our winter is unstable. There can be one year within a decade when temperature falls below -35 *C. At the same time lasting thaw in winter is not uncommon here.

      This homepage has been composed by Räpina School of Horticulture. We have been growing grapes out doors since 1937. There are about 70 varieties in the collection now. Our students have been exploring grape varieties since 1998. They have weighed clusters, berries, seeds and counted seeds in a berry. We want to share our experience with you.
    We grow grapevines
    as table grape
    in unheated plastic greenhouses
    as ornamental plant or for wine
    on southern walls or slopes